Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

Cara Membuat Flanel Bentuk Apel

Cara Membuat Flanel Bentuk Apel
Step 1:
Create a pattern with a corresponding cardboard apple motif. we need a 6 pattern apples, 1 leaf and stem patterns. Mark the "top" of each of the six patterns as shown in the picture, so we know which is up and which are down.

Step 2:
Sew all 6 apples pattern together using double yarn using green threads.

Leave a little cavity enough (it for at least 5-6 cm), so that apples can be reversed into.
Then enter the dacron to make it contains. Then sewing close to the meeting. Note: Do not forget to remember which part is 'on' and which parts are 'under' apple.

If there are holes in the top or bottom of an apple, for stitching around the hole to close it, and then make a big knot.

Step 3:
Create a limb by using a brown flannel along 2.5 cm. Sew the edges to Making a point rod.
Then create leaves and sewing for the fiber section.
Roll branches with leaves, and sewing thread using a double green.

Step 5: Then stick the leaves and branches to the center of the apple, using glue firing. And so our apple ... !!!